About Us

Inspring peole to shine, to help us grow as a human race, making the connection with who we are why we are alive.

Hi, my name is Garth Delon and thanks for visiting my website.

I believe everyone can have an inspiring life that makes then shine from within.  Its only when I shine will the world shine with me.

I am about creating an environment that is challenging, I am supportive through the hard times and sharing in the good times.

I was born in South Africa as a coloured and was judged for the colour of my skin and this has driven me to focus my energy on social causes.

I am deeply passionate about bringing like minded people together to, learn, grow and share about a topic they believe will help them explore the next phase of their life.

I am an event professional and started my own event business in October 1998.  Over that time I have worked on a variety of different events.  From small underground warehouse dance parties to weekly night clubs also work on Australia’s largest music festival like Rainbow Serpent Music festival and Falls Festival music festival to playing with the big boys on a major International sporting event like the Australian Grand Prix and the Australian Tennis Open.

Smile Please Services has morphed into many things since its inception in October 1998.  Today it is a place to share my photos and my photography journey with friends and anyone else that is interested in the journey

I don’t claim to be a photography but my goal is to training myself to take photos that people will pay to put on on their wall.